• Ken LaCasse

Major rule changes to Worldwide Soccer (2019/2020)

The IFAB has updated the FIFA Laws of the Game for the 2019/2020 seasonal year. Updates are generally made every year. However the 2019/2020 changes are the most sweeping of any year in recent history. Therefore it is important for all coaches to become familiar with the LOTG (Laws of the Game), and keep up-to-date with them each year.

Changes to the law have occurred in the following areas:


Subbed player leaving field of play

Goalkeeper one foot on line with penalty kick

Free Kicks

Penalty Kicks

Dropped Ball

Players' Equipment

Illegal Celebrations

Medical / Cooling Breaks

Goal Kicks

Coin Toss

Delayed Yellow cards for advantage play

Coach yellow/red cards

Goals deflected off referees

The official rule changes are available at :


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