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Classic League Overview / FAQ

What is Classic League?

Classic is a secondary division run by Four Corners Youth Soccer League. It provides a higher level of play than our recreational division.

What is the purpose of Classic League?

To provide player & coach development opportunities in an enjoyable environment, that challenge all participants in a higher overall level than the recreational division.

Who Plays in Classic League?

Locally, players U9-U15 who are already in the recreational league on Aztec, Bloomfield, Farmington or Kirtland teams. Durango, Cortez, Gallup & Pagosa also often have teams traveling to play in our classic league.

Where are Classic games played?

Mostly the Farmington Soccer Complex (U10-U12), and San Juan College (U15). And usually 1 game per season in Durango.

When are Classic games played?

The 6 last Saturdays of the recreational schedule. Saturday night under the complex/college stadium lights, or Saturday afternoon when playing Durango, Cortez, Gallup, Pagosa.

What are the eligibility requirements to participate in Classic?

All local FCYSL (Aztec, Bloomfield, Farmington, Kirtland) Classic players must be actively playing on an FCYSL recreational team, and have at least 50% participation with the recreational team.

Classic league is not for novice players (normally not for first-time players). Participants in Classic should have a solid foundation of technical ability for their age group, and game flow, age-appropriate soccer terminology, etc. However, Classic is not the highest level either, and not intended to be ultra-competitive. Ideally all players in the 50th-percentile for their age would participate in Classic.

(Some options may also exist for players too old for the recreational divisions.)

Are extra practices required?

No this is not required by the league. Some teams do. Many do not. This is up to the coach.

Is Classic competitive?

Technically no. Competitive & Classic are defined differently. However, the level of play, intensity, and competition are generally higher than recreational. Scores are kept and standings posted. The overall level of coaching tends to be higher than recreational on average.

Can Classic teams play in competitive tournaments?

Yes. Most do. And many FCYSL Classic teams compete very well in their respective divisions against other competitive teams.

Is there a local tournament Classic teams can compete in?

Yes. In the fall FCYSL Socctoberfest is our own invitational competitive tournament every year the last weekend of October (1-2 weeks after the rec league is finished). Teams travel to Farmington from Albq, El Paso & Amarillio, Gallup, Colorado (southwest & western slope), Utah, etc. It is a weekend of awesome, exciting soccer!

In the spring many teams play in the Durango Shootout in May or other tournaments.

Additional info Parents need to know

What is the cost?

$20/player for local FCYSL players (from Aztec, Bloomfield, Farmington, Kirtland clubs)

Can I pre-register my child to ensure they play classic?

No. Classic teams are directly organized and run by coaches. They are not formed by a league or club registrar like the recreational teams.

How can I find a classic team for my child?

Ask their recreational coach. If they are participating, this may be an ideal scenario.

Attend a Classic Connection event sponsored by FCYSL to help interested players find teams.

Email the league registrar or director of coaches. They may be able to help players find teams.

How do I register my child for Classic?

Classic coaches will directly provide the registration info for their team to parents.

Is there a way to ensure my child plays Classic?

No. The number of available spots depends on how many coaches choose to participate, and coaches may not invite every interested player.

FCYSL strives to help provide development opportunities for all players, but we are limited based on volunteer coaches & team managers.

Additional info Coaches need to know

Why should I do Classic?

Classic is a great opportunity for further development as a coach. It is challenging , fun & exciting!

How to find players?

You need to find your own players & provide them with registration info (league will provide this to you)

You may want to team up with another rec coach to create a classic team and combine players, in order to have enough players Classic level. This is a great opportunity for collaboration at the club & league level.

You are encouraged to attend the Classic Connection days to find players, and help able players have the opportunity.

If you are still looking for more players, please email your club DOC as well as the FCYSL Registrar and Director of Coaches. They may be able to help.

Can players “play up” in Classic?

This is not encouraged. Because Classic is a higher level of play, ideally playing up should not be necessary. Players should be challenged by similar-ability teammates & opponents.

If you feel a player should be playing up, please email the league registrar to discuss options.

What are the requirements to coach classic?

Currently any coach registered with FCYSL may participate. We want to increase coach participation, and foster a fun learning environment where coaches can grow and experience a slightly/moderately higher level.

How do I register my team?

If you are interested in coaching classic, please email the league registrar. She will provide the registration details for you to provide to your team, and the process you need to follow as coach to get your roster.

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