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Futsal Academy

FCYSL is offering futsal for U10-U15 players at The Boys and Girls Club as well as a high school season at San Juan College.  

What is futsal? How does it differ from soccer?

Futsal is a technically focused form of soccer played on hard courts. In this program, we play futsal indoors on basketball courts. For more information, check out this Crash Course from FIFA.

Are futsal teams coached by volunteer parents?

Yes! This is an excellent opportunity for volunteer coaches to learn more about futsal. Coach training is available for anyone wanting to learn.

Should players bring a soccer ball? Will they be playing with soccer balls? Do they need to buy a futsal ball?

No one needs to buy a futsal ball unless they wish to practice outside of the program. Futsal balls will be provided at the facility. Futsal balls are size 4 balls that are slightly heavier and have less bounce. This is to encourage players to keep the ball on the ground and help players focus on technical skills during games.

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Will there be court time available for practices?

No indoor practice time is available other than the training sessions before each game. Players are encouraged to continue practicing on their own between sessions.

What are the time slots for futsal games? When does play begin?

Training sessions will be held Saturday afternoons, followed by game play for each division. 

Is futsal only for Rec players?

Futsal is available for any youth player, age U10, and up who wishes to participate.

What does futsal cost?

The fee for each player to sign up is $35.

What does the program offer?

With futsal, you get a 6-week season starting on January 6th and running through February 10th.

 Will uniforms be distributed? What should the team wear?

No uniforms will be handed out or required for the players. Teams will have access to pinnies to help determine teams. These will be available at the facilities.

I have a child who would like to take part in futsal but is not part of any soccer team right now. Can my child still join in?

Absolutely! We welcome new players to futsal!

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