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For the sake of this document, ID’d is the term that means a player was identified as classic level.

Answers for Parents:

Q: What happens if my child isn’t ID’d for classic?
A: They may still play as part of the 50% of a team roster that do not have to be ID’d.


Q: When do we get to see the results?
A: Results will not be published or provided outside of FCYSL classic. The ID experience is intended to facilitate higher-level play in classic. Parents & players should talk to classic coaches and express interest in playing. Classic coaches are able to have up to 50% of their roster not be ID’d, therefore significant opportunity exists in classic even for players who are not ID’d. This minimizes the necessity for players to know the immediate result of ID day.


Q: What if my child isn’t able to attend ID day?
A: They may still play classic as a part of the 50% per team that are not required to be ID’d.


Q: What methods will be used for assessing the players?
A: A combination of skill-based drills and small sided games.


Q: What skill areas will be assessed?
A: Dribbling, Defending, Passing, Receiving, Shooting, Goalkeeping (for applicable players), General Gameplay & Soccer IQ.


Q: Who will be assessing the players?
A: Coaches both within and without FCYSL, generally who are not attached to a given age/gender division.


Q:  How does the Classic team formation process work?
A:  Classic coaches are responsible for asking classic players and creating teams just as it has been in the past.  The only different is that 50 percent of the team must be ID'd.


Q: Will my child be able to return to the same classic team with this new ID day?
A: Yes players may return to the same team at the classic coaches discretion.  Nothing has changed with respect to classic team formation other than 50 percent of the team must be ID'd.  


Q: How do I commit my child to a classic team?  
A: Once a parent signs the classic team roster form they are committed to that classic team for the remainder of the fall or spring season.  There is no switching of teams once the classic team roster form is signed.   


Q: If my child ID's are they guaranteed a place on a classic team?
A: In short No.  However, we feel this will give more players of classic skill level (that were previously not asked) an opportunity to play classic because the list of ID'd players will be given to the coaches.  Additionally, the League will work collaboratively with the coaches to try and find spots for as many ID'd players as possible.


Q: Will I have to register my child for classic?
A: Yes all classic players will have to be registered through FCYSL after they have committed to a team.  The cost for classic players is $20 per classic season.  More information on registration will be sent out after the ID day.

Answers for Coaches:

Q: What is the purpose of ID day if I already know the players I’ll have on my classic roster?
A: Coaches will be exposed to additional players interested in classic who may not yet have a team.
A: Players will benefit from an assessment experience that will help them prepare for future such experiences (high school tryouts, competitive tryouts, etc.)


Q: What if I want a player who wasn’t ID’d?
A: You may add them to your roster as part of the 50% who do not have to be ID’d.


Q: How will I know which players were ID’d?
A: After ID day, the league will work directly with classic coaches in providing the necessary information to simplify the rostering & selection process.


Q:  Can other coaches ask my players to play with their team after the ID day?
A:  Yes.  This is similar to any other classic season or tournament.  Until a player has been added to the classic roster with parent signature and submitted to the League Registrar they open to recruitment by any team.  As such, it is probably in the best interest of coaches returning to classic to let their players parents know that they intend coach classic again and will be asking them to return if they are able to under the new guidlines.

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